• “Not Quite” in Issue 0 of Healthline Zine: The Climb when you purchase the digital version of the magazine, you will be prompted to choose your payment price based on your financial ability. 6 September 2022
  • “Aunt Pam,” “Karloff in Drag,” “After Soccer Practice,” & “Hash Bash: Ann Arbor, 1994” at Substantially Unlimited 28 April 2022
  • “Snow Drops” at Humana Obscura 1 April 2022… you can buy yourself a beautiful print copy too.
  • “Man, The Masochist,” “Doin’ that Dynamite Bridge Rag,” “Love Song for Kenosha Dead,” “At a High School Football Game,” & “Executive Toe-Jam” all up at Lothlorien Poetry Journal… 22 December 2021

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